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Pension in garrelsweer Pension De StadseJuffer

Pension De StadseJuffer (garrelsweer) cyclist-friendly secluded tv set
house description:
Who was staying with guest Stadse Damsel will now think differently about the province of Groningen. Very specific accommodation await your arrival. And while a small nature reserve situated on a (private) lake.
pricing conditions:
prices for indoor rooms for groups and / or long stay from EUR 17, - 1 bedroom: EUR 22, - per night with use of kitchen. 2 room: EUR 20, - per person per night use of kitchen. 3 room: EUR 17, - per person per night use of kitchen. Salonwagen: EUR 35, - p.p.p.n. Summer stay: EUR 35, - p.p.p.n. Big red room with cooking facilities and private shower and toilet: EUR 35, -

booking request
min. price: 17.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 20
journey description:
cyclist-friendly, secluded, tv set,
Pension De StadseJuffer
Jannie Barelds
stadsweg 82
9918PR garrelsweer
phone: +31 (0)596 572041
email: send inquiry