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Farm holidays in Ballum Vakantieboerderij Kamminga

Vakantieboerderij Kamminga (Ballum) bicycle rental allergic person apt family-friendly cyclist-friendly animals permitted handicapped accessible secluded tv set barbecue grill internet wlan
house description:
Our Farmhouse is against the nature-Long-Dunes. Our farm is quiet and consists of a property and several cottages. It is a paradise for children. There are animals, playground, football pitch and much more. The ideal place for parents to relax. It is also possible to take your horse
pricing conditions:
Cottages from 4-10 people Rental rates from EUR 185 per week. Group room from EUR 9,75 per person per night. Groups on request

booking request
Farm holidays
min. price: 9.00 €
categorisation: -
beds: 100
journey description:
bicycle rental, allergic person apt, family-friendly, cyclist-friendly, animals permitted, handicapped accessible, secluded, tv set, barbecue grill, internet wlan.
Vakantieboerderij Kamminga
Ingrid Kamminga
Pietje Miedeweg 1
9162EH Ballum
phone: 0519 556677
email: send inquiry